Manage your entire business in a single tool

Akti manages CRM, invoicing, stock and interventions in a single tool.

Digitise, professionalise and see your company grow


Reduce administration

Centralise all your business administration in one tool. Spend less time on administrative tasks and follow-up. Have more time for things that really matter, your customers.


Better insights

Thanks to KPIs and reporting, you always know the financial health of your business: monthly revenue, overdue sales invoices, outstanding purchase invoices, services to be invoiced.


Increase revenue

Benefit from our business expertise to scale your business. Increase your revenue by professionalising your business processes. This revenue increase is a must to grow your business.

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Streamline stock management

Manage stock at multiple locations, using serial numbers or batch numbers. In addition to product categories, Akti also offers support for composed products and even product variants. Akti’s stock management provides you up-to-date and accurate information about the storage location of each product and the status of each order, both for orders from your customers and your suppliers.

Optimise your services

Akti allows you to register articles used on site, working hours and any additional expenses. By creating contracts and follow-up interventions you won’t forget anything. You get a clear overview of the planning of your technicians, real-time updates of stock and can easily invoice the delivered goods and provided services.

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Manage your customers and invoice digitally

Manage your customer relationships and create advanced quotes with Akti. Multiple versions of quotations are kept up to date. After accepting the final version you can easily create an order and delivery form. You send invoices digitally. You also can add purchase invoices to Akti, giving you a real-time view of your cashflow. At the same time, all documents are synchronized with your accounting tool to avoid double data entry.

Start today with digitalising your company!

Simplify your administration and manage all your business processes in a cloud-based solution:
from managing the details of prospects to collecting payments from customers.
Thanks to our digital all-in-one solution, you always have a clear overview of
your business administration.
Spending less time on administrative tasks means you have more time for your customers.

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