Digital invoicing made simple!

Create invoices in just a couple of clicks. Send digital invoices via email, register payments from your customers and send reminders for late payments, all via one easy-to-use platform.

Akti screen
Akti screen

Keep track of your financial status at all times

Akti offers multiple KPIs and reporting so you can monitor the financial well-being of your company in real-time:


Track payment of invoices and check your customers balance.

Anticipate recurring revenue and upcoming invoices.

Control your cash balance by comparing revenue and expenses.

Integrate Akti with other tools

Send your sales and purchase invoices digitally to your accountant. Save time and money by integrating with other tools that make your live easier.

Akti Clearfacts

Periodic invoices

Periodic invoices allow you to automatically generate invoices at regular intervals.

Invoice reminders

Send multiple levels of reminders to collect overdue invoices.

Purchase invoices

Manage your purchase invoices to keep track of your revenue and costs.

Integrated workflow

Quotes can be easily converted to invoices, the same for completed deliveries and interventions.

Thanks to Akti, AS Lighting created a sustainable purchase and sales process. No more paper is used! All quotations, orders and invoices are created and sent via Akti. Akti is also linked to Yuki, our accounting program, which is a perfect combination.

Aad van Stenus

Managing Director

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