Help your customers to start digitalising their business

Akti helps companies to simplify their administrative processes and to digitalise their daily activities. As an accountant you will get insights into the daily activities of your customer. By working more closely together, you no longer have to wait till the end of the quarter to receive all invoices. Additionally, Akti’s modular approach ensures it fits the needs of your customer, even when these evolve in the future.

Save precious time

Thanks to Akti, you receive invoices from your customers digitally in UBL format which can be directly imported into your accounting tool. Akti integrates with multiple tools that you are already familiar with.


What can Akti do for you?

Personal approach

This, together with our know-how
is key to us

Insight into daily activities

Via the accountant’s portal you get a centralised view of the daily activities of your customers with real time updates

Spread and reduce your workload

Invoices are automatically exported in a digital format so you can process them faster. No more quarterly stress!

Akti grows with you

We guide your customers step by step during their digitalisation process. This thanks to the modular approach of Akti and the integrations with other software packages. For you as an accountant, nothing changes, no need to change software every 6 months and spend a lot of time adjusting administrative workflows. Akti offers a sustainable and long term solution that grows with the needs of your customer.


Start with digital invoicing and evolve to quotation management, inventory management and service planning.


Offer your customers an exclusive package with an everlasting financial benefit.

Curious what Akti can do for you and your customers?

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