Manage & anticipate your stock in realtime

Create and manage orders and purchase orders in Akti. You know exactly what your stock situation is at any given time.

Akti screen
Akti screen

Pro-active stock management

Akti not only allows you to manage your stock but also to anticipate stock evolutions. You should never run out of your most requested articles and only keep a minimal stock of less frequently ordered articles.


Set optimal minimum and maximum stock thresholds per article.


Anticipate stock evolutions to be sure you can fulfil every order.

Invoice right away to keep your cashflow up to speed


Easily keep track of invoicable deliveries and create invoices in a single click. Never forget backorders and invoice them when the delivery is made.


Create grouped invoices for multiple deliveries at once. Invoice down payments for large orders and balance the final invoice automatically.

Akti screen

Stock management in 3 easy steps


Create and confirm the order

Create orders for your customers in just a few clicks. Receive stock warnings if you reach your stock limits and keep an eye on your anticipated stock.

Add one or more deliveries

Create a delivery for all your articles that are in stock and backorder the missing items. Your stock evolves in realtime when deliveries are registered.

Transform deliveries into invoices

Create invoices for a single delivery in one click or group multiple deliveries on a single invoice. Never loose track of what still needs to be invoiced and make sure all your deliveries get invoiced as soon as possible.

Our advanced features

Multi-site stock

Manage stock in multiple warehouses and transfer stock between locations.

Serial numbers and batches

Keep track of serial numbers and batches for specific articles: when were they bought, sold and to whom.

Price management

Define price categories for different types of customers. Manage volume discounts and set custom prices for specific customers.

Multi language

Translate article names to multiple languages and create documents automatically in the language of your customer.

Thanks to Akti, we managed to centralise our administration which allows us to work more efficiently. Mobirack uses interchangeable product components, so it’s key that our stock is always up-to-date. Additionally thanks to Akti we always have a clear view on the status of our orders.

Philippe Bleyen

Managing director Mobirack 

Akti Customer MobiRack

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