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Field Services



  • Multi-language interface
  • Documents in multiple languages
  • Email templates in multiple languages
  • Customisable PDF layout per document type
  • Cross referencing between documents
  • Internal notes
  • History log
  • Configurable list views
  • Documents archive
  • Multiple business units
  • User profiles and permissions
  • Unlimited number of documents
  • Option to link multiple Akti accounts

Accounts and contacts

  • Manage accounts and contacts
  • History of activities and related documents
  • Import accounts and contacts
  • Smart lists to filter (dynamically) accounts and contacts
  • Custom fields
  • Export accounts and contacts


  • Deals to follow up customer opportunities and model business processes
  • Multiple views
  • Multiple Kanban boards to model deal flows


  • Add content from catalog, outside catalog, free text, images, attachments
  • Multiple chapters
  • Model quotes to create quotes from templates
  • Multiple versions
  • Mark (online) as won/lost
  • Duplicate quote
  • Notes and general conditions
  • Mail to customer with tracking and possibility to interact via weblink
  • Visualise profit margins
  • Filter quotes


  • Manage customer contracts
  • Linked to (periodic) invoices and (periodic) interventions
  • Multiple versions
  • Mark as won/lost
  • Model contracts to create contracts from templates

Article catalog

  • Manage products and services
  • Import of articles
  • Support for images, attachments
  • Multi-language
  • Purchase prices & sales price
  • Price lists & custom prices
  • Volume discounts
  • Product (eco-)taxes (Recupel, Bebat,...)
  • Product variants
  • Serial numbers & batches
  • Composed articles
  • Multiple suppliers
  • Weight, EAN, category,...
  • Link to ledger account
  • Export articles

Sales Orders

  • Multiple delivery addresses
  • Can be send via mail
  • Can be easily converted to (multiple) purchase order(s)
  • Create (downpayment/pro-forma) invoice based on percentage or fixed value
  • Delivery notes
  • Register (partial) deliveries, backorders
  • Support delivery of goods with serial numbers, batches,...
  • Barcode scanning (only Advanced)
  • Register return of goods
  • Visualise profit margins

Purchase Orders

  • Add content from catalog, outside catalog, free text, attachments
  • Support for delivery at customer location
  • Create purchase order in multiple currencies
  • Register (partial) reception of goods
  • Register return of goods


  • Overview of stock transactions
  • Multiple (virtual) stock locations
  • Serial numbers & batches
  • Create and manage stock transfers
  • Advanced search based on document reference, product code,...
  • Overview of stock (valuation) based on articles, date, location
  • Min/max stock indications
  • Easy ordering of articles low in stock
  • Advanced reporting and KPIs
  • Export of stock information

Sales Invoices

  • Add content from catalog, outside catalog, free text, attachments
  • Multi-language
  • Duplicate invoice
  • Register (partial) payments
  • Cash registry
  • SEPA payments
  • Credit notes, pro-forma invoices, downpayments
  • (default) attachments
  • Send by mail (PDF, UBL and weblink)
  • Structured payment message
  • Reminders
  • KPIs (turnover, overdue, outstanding invoices)
  • Recurring invoices (subscriptions) with KPIs (MRR)
  • Integration with accounting tools

Purchase Invoices

  • Register purchase invoices with approval workflow
  • Automatic processing of UBL invoices
  • QR code for easy payment
  • Payment registration
  • Link to purchase order
  • Integration with accounting tools


  • Create and plan (recurring) interventions
  • Model interventions for easy and quick creation


  • Document and track installations
  • Model installations for easy and quick creation
  • Custom fields


  • Advanced insights per module


  • Integrations with 3rd party software tools

Custom integration and automation

  • API access

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